666... mark of the beast

666... mark of the beast

An epic journey into the end-times, 666 mark of the beast charts the meteoric rise of Duscha Bozdar, the messiah-like leader of Europe. Seemingly irresistible, obstacles evaporate at his feet until there’s just one thing stood in his way: Chester Pendrill, the 45th President of the USA. The chemistry between them is intense, but their titanic clash didn’t start with politics; it started with a personal secret. It made the moment of reckoning is inevitable and this time, it’s the big one: the place where prophecy becomes reality, and history, the present and future converge.
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In 1949, global statesman Paul-Henri Spaak, widely acknowledged as the Founding Father of the European Union, said: “A united Europe needs a man of stature . . . and be he God or the Devil, we will receive him”.

What Spaak wanted, the world got... when Duscha Bohdan Bozdar entered mankind.

Set in the near-future, 666 mark of the beast is an epic journey into the end-times; a heady mix of conspiracy, ambition, manipulation, ego and global politics so sinister as to be beyond the realms of even the darkest imagination.

At the age of 30, Bozdar’s “ministry” begins in the politics of the Balkans, when he arrives seemingly from nowhere, without a past and with no back story. Outrageously handsome, ultra-charismatic, he’s a political superstar with access to a support infrastructure that is out of this world. Literally. His rise is meteoric and, messiah-like, he promises peace to mankind. But his true agenda couldn’t be darker or more self-serving as insurmountable obstacles melt like wax at his feet, until that is, there’s just one thing stood in his way: Chester Pendrill, the 45th President of the United States.

Shrewd, wise and big-hearted, Pendrill is the real deal, his character formed on strong values and principles. But unlike his nemesis, the American President has a past; a painful past that hides the dark secret of a lonely 13th birthday at the side of the lake.

The chemistry between the two couldn’t be more intense, both men aware their destinies are inextricably entwined. But it didn’t start with politics. It started with the secret. It was what made it so personal.

Two men: one world: one destiny.

As Bozdar’s globalist agenda gains an irresistible momentum, Pendrill becomes ever more resolute that he must oppose him, even if it means America isolating itself from a world enthralled by the god-like “Man of Peace”. Bozdar plays it like a game, while Pendrill senses a strange and sinister familiarity to his rival that constantly unnerves him. Both men though, know the moment of reckoning is inevitable.

But there’d be no repeat of the Cold War nor would the world’s two most charismatic leaders cross swords in World War Three. No, this time it’s the big one: the place where prophecy becomes reality; and history, the present and future converge with cataclysmic effect.


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Potential readers always find it useful to see what those who have already read the book have to say about it. Here is a small selection of what our readers have had to say about 666 mark of the beast. We’d love to have your feedback too, so when you’ve read the book, please email us at reviews@phildaviesauthor.com  

Billy Angel (USA):  A mesmerizing page turning epic, 666 mark of the beast is brilliantly researched, immensely thought provoking, and is as entertaining to the senses as it is challenging to the intellect. I was very impressed with the way it effortlessly combines political intrigue with apocalyptic drama. The depth is astounding and as the story unfolded I had the sense that it’s like Left Behind with teeth. This is a story that bites back!!  

Cara Westcott:  By the end of the first chapter, I was hooked! 666 mark of the beast wills you to keep reading as it takes you to a place where you have to know indeed, NEED to know, what happens next!! The extensive research ‘makes’ the book a compelling read and both the historical and religious aspects are very thought provoking. You find yourself questioning what you believe, and I will certainly look at political news reports in a different way now. I particularly enjoyed reading the history of Israel and the Jewish people and like the President, I found myself wanting to cheer in support to! The book left me questioning my beliefs: how can this one nation survive and thrive, after having so much thrown at it? Before starting this book, I’d never have thought that I would arrive at the conclusion that they have had help from the hand of God! I also liked the way the book ended. I didn’t know what was written in Luke 1:37 so, for the first time in years, I got out my Bible and read the verse. I don’t know if this was the intention, but it was very clever. This is a story that must surely become a thrilling blockbuster of a movie? But who could play Bozdar? Who could carry off ‘the man of peace’ yet be so evil?

Tracey Metcalfe:  From the first page, the reader is propelled at breakneck speed into a story that unfolds within a ‘hang on tight or you’ll fall’ type narrative. As the suspicious but oblivious Pendrill is forced to be a pawn in Bozdar’s game, the reader shares his unease as he attempts to damage control his environment. The reader too, can’t help but acknowledge the prevailing sense of evil emanating from the whole chain of events, and like the sinister echo Pendrill feels, we too feel that as each layer of the story is revealed, with it comes another parallel of reality. The fast paced writing style brings a gripping and addictive sense of conflict to the story. No prisoners are taken in this altogether thoroughly informative, eye opening and enjoyable read!   

Gary Hoogvliet (New Zealand):  In my role as a TV journalist and film-maker, I have read and previewed many books over the years, interviewing authors like Maeve Binchy, Jean Auel and Jeffrey Archer. So when I was introduced to Phil Davies and given a copy of his two recently released novels - Blood on Their Hands and 666 mark of the beast, to my shame, I didn’t read them for a while… A Christian who writes novels? Yeah right! Both books are gripping from first page till last, the kind you simply can’t put down. Neither is a ‘gentle Jesus meek and mild’ book. They might even make you a little uneasy in places. But what a read, and both have the potential to make great movies. Beautifully crafted and zealously researched, they’re great literary entertainment; the best books I’ve read in years! And yep, that surprised me!!

Ann Brettle: The pace of 666 mark of the beast is breathtaking and you constantly have the feeling you are hurtling towards an earth-shattering climax. What you don’t realise till the end is that you were and you did! Had I not already read Blood on Their Hands the depth of research in 666 would probably have taken me by surprise. Yet still, the exposition on Israel was simply amazing! This is a book that entertains and challenges your thinking at the same time. Totally gripping from start to finish!

Reuben Jenkins:  From the opening page, the reader is drawn into a world where West Wing meets 2012. A page turning epic, 666 mark of the beast combines political intrigue with apocalyptic drama. With immensely powerful material on which to draw, this Biblically prophetic theme carries the reader from page to page wondering what will happen next. It is evident that from first to last the book is underpinned with a great deal of research which gives it a ‘genuine feel’ and keeps the reader in touch with reality throughout. An entertaining read!

Terry Cox:  This is brilliantly written book with a message that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The fast pace and balance of unfolding events is fantastic and the reader is forced into turning page after page desperate to find out what happens next. For the Christian reader, the book is extraordinary and very thought provoking. Quite brilliant!

Mark Newcombe:  A rollercoaster, armchair gripping ride that you can't put down from start to finish. Although a book of fiction it touches on lots of biblical truth and facts, especially chapter 24. A great must-read eye-opener for all Christians who love God and want an insight to the future and to the context for world issues and politics. Awesome!!

Lee Boon:  666 mark of the beast was amazing, so amazing that I couldn’t put it down and read it in 2 days!! If you’re into conspiracy theories then this is a must-read, the best there is. I loved the fact that so many of the twists and turns (and there’s a lot!) has scripture from the Bible backing it up! Fantastic from first page to last.

Fabrizio Poli (Italy):  I thought the way the plot and the characters developed and unfolded was exceptional, as was the way the story-line was weaved in and out of both history and the scriptures. The research that must have gone into this book defies belief. Read the chapter where Eli Buckman is briefing the President about Israel and the Jews and you’ll see exactly what I mean. 666 mark of the beast really is the most incredible book!

Hazel Wilcox:  I loved this book! 666 mark of the beast is by far the best end times book I've read – way better than the Left Behind series. The pace is staggering by comparison, and the characters are much more believable. I thought the part where Eli explains Israel's history was electric and it’s really sparked off in me an appetite to learn more. I'm not sure if it was all based on fact but I found myself researching some of it to get extra information. This led me to find out lots of things I found very interesting, and really loved the how it brought in actual historical events, in a fictitious way of course. Very clever and massively entertaining!!

Peter Sutton:  What a book! Brilliantly well-written with sound Biblical teaching used throughout to tell a great story and warn us of what is, and what could be, happening. 666 mark of the beast has opened my eyes to the bigger picture of world politics! 

Margaret Pounder:  I have read many books of this nature, including the excellent Left Behind series. Arguably 666 mark of the beast easily ranks alongside, if not above all these. It is massively thought provoking, and I enjoyed it immensely. Definitely recommended! 

James Jones:  Gripping from start to finish, 666 Mark of The Beast is totally captivating from the very first page. Focusing on two main characters and highlighting the stark contrasts between them, the story doesn’t disappoint as it builds an irresistible momentum as their lives intertwine. The character development is amazing, especially Chester Pendrill who I found inspirational and challenging. It's hard to sum up this book but it was definitely thought provoking, challenging, informative (particularly the information about Israel!), and VERY exciting!

Marcia Postema (USA):  666 mark of the beast is unique, showcasing the clash between the most powerful man on Earth and his rival, Duscha Bozdar, the very embodiment of evil. The 'beastly' characters, the history and context, and above al else, the repeated and miraculous deliverance of the State of Israel – which is literally, quite astounding – shows the depth of research and command of the Scriptures that has gone into this masterpiece of a book. Illustrating the nature of submission to the evil one by his cohort serves to show the necessity of choice in a true love relationship with God. It is thought-provoking to see how all bad things have their root in evil and challenges the reader to consider (and re-consider) the spirit realm. The huge subjects tackled in this book are laid bare and keep coming up fighting! BRAVO!

Owen Davies:  666....mark of the beast stitches together a thoroughly addictive plot with such reality that you have to keep reminding yourself that you're not reading a journal! The emotions build, the atmospheric texture almost palpable as the plot emerges like a pressure cooker where in the end, something has to give. I found myself taking sides immediately, once the line is drawn in the sand. Along the way though there were so many ‘what if?’ and ‘what does this mean for me?’ moments. Really outstanding and would thoroughly recommend to anyone! 

Jane Shaw:  666....mark of the best is a brilliant book. It’s very thought provoking and to me, very near the truth as it sign-posts what to watch for in the future. Though it’s a book for everyone, it should be mandatory reading for all Christians.

Christopher Jones:  666....mark of the beast provides a fascinating insight into the eternal battle between good and evil. You could say it brings you right up-to-date but actually, it goes much further, and sends you hurtling at breakneck speed into the near future. Immaculately researched and incredibly entertaining, this is a book that gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the sinister world of global politics at a level beyond human understanding. Watch the news and you’ll see it coming!

Kevin Mockett:  An awesome must read that is thoroughly informative, eye-opening, exciting and immensely enjoyable. It’s no exaggeration to say that 666 mark of the beast has changed the way I watch the news, especially about the Middle East. I honestly don’t think I have ever read anything so thought provoking!!


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