Miracle that is Israel

Miracle that is Israel

750 years before Jesus walked the Earth, the Old Testament Prophet Isaiah prophesied that a nation would be born in a day. On 14th May 1948, some 2750 years later, it came to pass… The story of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people is without parallel in all of human history; a real-life miracle that will challenge you, encourage you, and build your faith.
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‘Can a nation be born in a day?’ was a question posed as part of a prophetic declaration by Old Testament prophet, Isaiah, during the 8th Century BC. Some 2750 years later, on 14th May 1948, the prophecy came true when, at 4.16PM Jerusalem time, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion declared the rebirth of the nation State of Israel. It was the cornerstone prophetic event of our age.

The story of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people is unique, and without parallel in all of human history. It is also a story that raises a multitude of questions that quite simply, cannot even be addressed let alone answered, outside of God.

Did you know that no other nation in history has ever been driven from its land and then returned at a later date? Yet the Jews have done it twice, thousands of years apart.

How is it possible for a nation to be ejected from their lands and scattered to every corner of the Earth, before somehow reassembling 2000 years later and being restored to those same lands?

How across centuries as aliens in someone else’s land, could the Jews retain their nationhood and somehow protect all the things that actually made them Jews? Yes, the continuity of the Jewish people is stunning and totally unique! They are the only ancient people group to survive to modern times. Where are the Amalakites, Moabites, Philistines etc.? Or for that matter, even the Romans, Huns, Normans, or Vikings? They're all long-gone of course, yet Jews are still Jews!

And what about Hebrew, the only dead language in history ever to be revived. After 2000 years! Today, it is the national language of Israel, spoken everywhere from the boardroom to the bedroom, and universally acknowledged as the greatest socio-linguistic event in history.

In 1948, Israel was a desert wasteland. Why would Jews from all over the world feel compelled to uproot themselves, leave their homes and move there? How did they take a desert and make it home to one of the largest food fruit and flower exporters in the world? How did such a tiny country, surrounded by enemies who pledged its destruction, win four major wars when Pentagon and Kremlin strategists declared defeat as inevitable, and Israel's annihilation the only possible result?

Why have incredible achievements in science, medicine, and new technologies happened in Israel in greater concentration than anywhere else in the world? And how and why are the Jews the most successful people on the planet? Forbes Magazine - "It's a fact that Jews are a little over 100 times more likely to become billionaires than the rest of the human race". Maybe being smarter than everyone else is a part of it? Did you know that while the average IQ score is 100, it's 111 for Jews? And in maths-related tests, it's 115! How does something like that come about?

Understanding the miracle that is Israel requires a broad mix of perspectives - historical, sociological, political, military and cultural. And while each is a vital ingredient in the overall mix, it is the unique Biblical perspective that gives Israel, and the Jewish people too, its fundamental context and foundation. It is a story where questions like these, and many more too, cannot be answered outside of God, because above all else, the Israeli pulse beats with a Biblical rhythm.

The Miracle that is Israel explores the questions in detail, takes on the challenge they evoke head-on, and as Israel continues to survive and thrive despite the murderous threats of their enemies, asks the two biggest questions of all: Does God have his hand on Israel and does he have an interest in the welfare of Israel? 

Well, the time’s come to explore the evidence, and to decide for yourself.


Reviews, Comments & Endorsements

Potential readers always find it useful to see what those who have already read the book have to say about it. Here is a small selection of what our readers have had to say about The Miracle that is Israel. We’d love to have your feedback too, so when you’ve read the book, please email us at reviews@phildaviesauthor.com 

Brian Clews:  If ever there was evidence that God is not just a concept of times past, but is active in our days, The Miracle that is Israel contains it!! Those already knowing God will not be surprised at its contents but be greatly uplifted. Those who have yet to find Him, should not miss this wonderful opportunity to do so! 

John Birch:  Well designed with excellent illustrations and concise text, it clearly places Israel in the context of ancient Biblical history and modern history, as God's chosen nation. I bought copies for every member of our House Church, and we used it as a basis for study over some weeks. Everyone found it enlightening, thought provoking and exciting. Highly recommended!  

Ann Absalom:  I loved The Miracle that is Israel!  Concise, succinct, and crystal clear...it is a wonderful witness to the greatness of God. 

Ian Whitwood:  With every point enhanced by superb photos, the author - from the very first page - delivers his gripping defence testimony like a seasoned QC!! It's hard to see how we, the jury of readers, could come to any verdict but 'Yes, God has His Hand on the nation of Israel!' Totally riveting and immensely thought provoking throughout, The Miracle that is Israel concludes with the most compelling review of Biblical prophecy related to God’s promises to Israel and the Jewish people that I've ever seen!!

Paul Susman (Belgium):  The Miracle that is Israel is really excellent and the author marvellously captures the very essence of the miracle that is happening before our eyes.

Tracey Martin:  The Miracle that is Israel is by far the most impressive account of history, facts and undeniable truths that I've ever come across on the subject of Israel. Like a courtroom case playing itself out on the pages before you, the reader is funnelled to a place of decision, and ultimately left with nowhere to hide! A truly incredible journey!!

Sandy Medway:  The modern magazine style format helps the narrative come alive in a way that sometimes took my breath away. Absolutely brilliant start to finish!

Rose Vodden:  The Miracle that is Israel is by far the most helpful account of Israel's history I have read to date, the concise easy to read, unique format packed with such amazing photos and illustrations just adding to its unique appeal!

Simon & Melinda, Lord & Lady Reading:  We can highly recommend The Miracle that is Israel. It has opened the eyes of so many people's hearts and minds to the wonders of the land of Israel. Full of incredible and beautiful photos and illustrations, it is bursting with fascinating facts on every page! It brings Israel to life and recognises the change of a land transformed into one overflowing with milk and honey!

Rita Bota (New Zealand):  I was totally blown away by The Miracle that is Israel. The incredible detail and the fantastic photography makes for a potent and powerful combination and very effectively, it has filled-in the gaps for me, as far my knowledge of Israel's story is concerned. Israel is at the centre of history and His Story, and what happens in this tiny nation, affects the whole world! Phil, the author, has captured this perfectly! An absolute thrill to read it!! 

Maggie Richards:  A real gem of a book that I honestly couldn't put down! It was so exciting and informative, I had no choice but to read it in just the one sitting!!

Phil & Margaret Daniell (Germany): The Miracle that is Israel clearly presents the history of Israel from its Biblical roots to its restoration as a modern state in a very graphic and attractive way, with a wealth of verifiable facts which establish the rights of the Jewish people to the land of Israel and their contribution to our world today. We highly recommend it to readers of all faiths and none who simply want the true story.

Rowland & Gail Roderick:  The Miracle that is Israel is a key message for the age and, deserves to be broadcast far and wide. It presents mountains of compelling evidence in such a way as to challenge even the most sceptical or the hardest of hearts. The pointed questions pose a relentless challenge to the reader and the beautifully presented photos and illustrations help bring everything to life.

Carl Brettle:  The Miracle that is Israel is without doubt and without exception, the best book to help anyone understand the significance of Israel, its place in God's heart and its centre-stage role in today's world. And in brilliantly pulling together the miraculous journey of Israel and the Jewish people in such a concise, detailed and creative way, Phil has performed something of a miracle himself! Outstanding!!

Tim Potter:  A real eye-opener of a book!! As a new learner when it comes to Israel, I found the style of writing and the magazine format enormously helpful. I thoroughly recommend it!

Eileen Podmore:  I thought The Miracle that is Israel was a god-send! As an avid reader of all things Israel, I have not seen anything to compare with the succinct way in which the author gets the important facts across to the reader. Nor have I seen a more effective picture painted of God very much alive and active in fulfilling Biblical prophecy before our very eyes!!

John & Marion Best:  An excellent and beautifully presented handbook about Israel, her people, her land, and her incredible history and future! Attractive, comprehensive and very informative, it's the perfect gift both for those who know about this seriously relevant subject, and for those who don't too!!

Jill Edwards:  My husband and I have been to Israel many times and, we pray for the nation and its leaders on a daily basis. The Miracle that is Israel perfectly encapsulates the amazing story of this tiny but supremely important country and there can be no doubt that the hand of God is impressively set out in this beautifully illustrated book.

Brenda Littler:  What a superb book and so beautifully illustrated, the photos helping the narrative flowing easily through the centuries and at every turn, helping it explode into life. I was so hugely impressed and informed by The Miracle that is Israel, that I decided to buy a dozen copies to give out to my Christian friends, many of whom don’t as yet fully understand the importance of Israel. I am grateful to Phil, the author, for his great efforts in producing this gem of a book.

Andrew Dobbins:  I was very impressed with The Miracle that is Israel and felt that the sections on the prophetic and on Israel's Biblical foundations and context were absolutely outstanding!

Jackie Perrett:  I found The Miracle that is Israel totally intriguing and very, very informative. So vividly does it bring to life the various Old Testament prophecies concerning Israel, that it had me reaching for my Bible! An exciting faith-booster!!

Jane Woodford:  Factual, succinct, easy to read and beautifully illustrated; a must-read for anyone interested in knowing the truth about the origins, continued existence, and contribution of the only truly democratic state in the Middle East.

Graham James:  The Miracle that is Israel is superb and should be mandatory reading for all Christians and anyone with even a passing interest in obtaining the truth about Israel in the midst of so much lies and misinformation.

Lynn Hotton:  I scored The Miracle that is Israel as ten-out-of-ten in every single area... attractive & easy-to-read, dynamic & gripping, informative & educational, useful & uplifting, convincing & faith-building, and so very positive in a very chaotic world! Above all, it's the most powerful testament to the truth I've ever seen; the truth that Israel was a miracle, is a miracle, and has a future that involves the miraculous!!!

Jill Gibson:  Phil has done an amazing work in this concise and highly readable book which ought to be available in every church. He draws together Biblical prophecy and its fulfilment, history, and fascinating facts to show how – sadly, contrary to much opinion - Israel blesses the world, and why it is central in unfolding world events. It motivates prayer and should cause us to question the accuracy and impartiality of many news reports.

Peter Morralee:  What a brilliant book, very informative and proof of God’s grace upon the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.  It was so inspiring that I bought copies to give to friends, and it speaks volumes that their feedback is all positive!

Eric Bignall:  This book gives a clear and concise account of the development of Israel. Well written and beautifully illustrated, covering her Biblical roots and fulfilment of prophecy alongside amazing victories when the odds were so heavily stacked against her!

Fiona Davies:  Meticulously researched and written with a deep passion and insight, The Miracle that is Israel powerfully presents the historical and contemporary evidence for Israel’s centrality to God’s plans and purposes. Clear, comprehensive, challenging and amazingly well-presented – it is very much a must-read in every respect!

Alistair Barton:  Packing a huge amount of detail into a relatively small book, Phil brilliantly captures the amazing miracle that is Israel. I've given copies to friends, and they've all loved it!

Tim Day (USA):  The Miracle that is Israel is an outstanding read. It brilliantly summarizes Israel’s history and the clear evidence of God’s Hand on His most favoured nation. I was totally gripped by the fact that God is so clearly up to something big in the restoration of Israel, and yet, the Church is yawning! Even though I had studied, and even taught on Israel’s history, I learned tons from this book!! God is setting the stage for the end of time and prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes. This book is a wake-up call to all believers to pay close attention. I could not lay it down and have now given many copies to friends and family. 


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